Christmas Weight Gain - 10 ways to stop you turning into pudding this festive season.

Christmas is traditionally a time for overindulgence but my simple advice can help you prevent gaining pounds as well as presents.

1.  Enjoy a big breakfast and never skip breakfast

Have a bigger breakfast and you will then consume fewer calories during the rest of the day. Over the Christmas period this rule is so much more important.  Breakfast stabilizes your blood sugar levels so enjoy a breakfast that contains some wholegrain carbs like granary bread or cereal plus some protein in the form of eggs or low-fat dairy that will keep you full until lunchtime and beyond. This will stop you from picking at those chocolates and mince pies all day.

 2. Never party on an empty stomach

The trick is not to turn up starving, but to eat well before you get there. Rather than saving up those calories so you can stuff yourself later at that Christmas party, insure you are going with some food in your stomach. Snack on nuts, cheese, yoghurt, fruit or crackers before the stuffing begins.

3 . Get moving

Walk for 60-70 minutes a every day.If you do not have the time to do this amount of walking in one session, just space it out during the day by parking further from your work or getting of the bus/train a few stops earlier.Taking the stairs at work are free so save energy and ignore the lift. The list goes on so be more active.If you do have have a gym membership then no excuse, get into the gym at least 3 times a week for 30-40min. That Christmas pudding will taste so much nicer knowing that you have put in the hard work.

Why not try my 10 min Ab Workout (Below)

4. Weigh yourself dailyDo this at the same time every day and after you have used the toilet, ideally in the morning. This will keep you informed as to your weight fluctuations and it will encourage you to think before something goes into your mouth because you are more informed about your own weight. It can really help moderate you into making good food choices all day.


5. Rethink your drink

Alcohol contains a surprising number of calories, especially if you are drinking spirits and mixers. Swap the mixer for a low calorie version. Keep your alcohol consumption to within the safe limits and alternate an alcoholic drink for a low calorie soft drink or water, thereby halving your alcohol consumption.

6. Stay hydrated 

Drink water regularly throughout the day. The more hydrated you are, the fuller your stomach and the less food (and calories) you’ll want to eat.

7. Stop "picking"

Can you resist the leftovers and tasty nibbles at parties? So this Christmas Period remember not to go crazy but to also allow yourself a treat. Your New Year resolutions may be different but make it your goal to just maintain your weight and not to gain extra weight over this period.

8. Plan around "that" binge 

Planning your week will make it easier to make healthy food choices. So if you know you’re having a festive meal out one evening, make sure you have a healthy lunch of soup or salad during the day. Being realistic about the times when you know you’re going to overindulge allows you to plan sensible food choices before and after. There is nothing wrong with a treat day but the test is to jump back into normal healthy habits the next day.

9.  Increase your protein intake

When your blood sugar is high you produce more of the hormone insulin, which encourages you to store fat. Eating more protein helps stabilize your blood sugar levels reducing fat storage and also keeping food cravings at bay. So make the most of all those high protein festive snacks, such as nuts, cheese, cold ham and turkey.

10.  Ditch that festive latte 

They might taste good, but those special Christmas coffees with flavours such as eggnog and gingerbread can clock up a staggering 500 calories a time. For example, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte made with whipped cream and whole milk contains roughly 500 calories. The same as a McDonald’s Big Mac. Meanwhile, a Caffè Nero Praline Latte, with semi-skimmed milk, contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. So if my maths are correct : Drinking a festive latte every day throughout December could add an extra 3,500 calories per week to your diet – equivalent to 4 lbs extra weight by January 1.

So I know that you are never going to remember all of the above mentioned but you know where you go wrong and what you struggle with most so focus and just stick to a few and i can guarantee you will feel the difference and enjoy a guilt free Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2017.