FREE Healthy Meal Recipe

I have helped hundreds of people in my fitness career and including myself eating healthy food/diets is something we all find tough on a daily basis.

Download your FREE Meal Recipe Here.  I have taken this meal from my 28 Day Fat Loss Challenge starting in January 2018

It frustrates me when I see so many "must eat meals & diets" out there that people recommended to help you lose weight or is healthy for you.We then all follow it but we can not sustain it as it doesn’t work for us or we get fed up as its takes to much time to prepare etc. Guess what, that cycle continues because next week we are back to the start and we do not get anywhere with our bad habits and “wanting to eat healthely” lifestyle. Keep it simple!

Calories is big word and we all run a mile as we don’t really understand it but you know what, its actually very simple. As a starting point lets work of the National Averages, which are 1800 Calories for females and 2000 Calories for men daily.

Now if you want to reduce body fat for example then just simply do not exceed your daily allowance. Why look for quick fixes, miracle meals or eat food you dislike! My biggest advice always to clients will be to keep it clean – meaning no processed foods and cook your meals from scratch.

With 3 Healthy Meals daily you should stay within your allowance and you will then create a calorie deficit which simply will lead to a reduction in Body Fat!

Yes it is that simple, so TRY this FREE RECIPE MEAL and let me know how you get on.