How Fast Can You Drop Body Fat?

How FAST can you diet (being in a caloric deficit) with the purpose of dropping fat?

Right off the bat I do NOT want you to think of specific numbers, such as losing 3lbs a week or 1lb a week because that number is different for everyone AND as you get leaner that numbers changes.
Ideally if you drop about 0.5-1% of your body weight each week that’s FAST!
Some maths for you:

  • If you weight 200lbs then 1-2lbs of FAT each week is fast.
  • If you weigh 140lbs then .5-1lb of FAT each week is fast.
  • If your 280lbs then 2-3lbs of FAT each week is fast.
  • You can do the math for you if you want to drop some body fat.

Again can a person drop more or faster, sure can, but then it’s just not fun and you run into the risk of having a nasty rebound. We want this to stick and not be a temporary fix.
Can you go slower than this? YES, and if fact in most cases that's ok depending on how healthy/unhealthy a person is. Remember this is a marathon race for life not a short-term results sprint.
Again fitness and health is about so much more the just body fat and dropping numbers on the scale but if you want specifics the above numbers are a great guide.
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Stay active!