Success Story

I want to share a success story from one of my recent clients, busy Carolyn in her own words...

“My story began with me sitting in my car outside the gym crying because I didn't want to exercise but I wanted to be slim. I didn't care about getting fit I just wanted to lose weight. My husband struggled to get me out for an evening as I felt embarrassed about how big is become. 

Someone suggested a personal trainer, thought I may as well give it a go. Meeting Gerhard however has been one if the best decisions I've made in my life. Right from the start Gerhard has encouraged,  supported and basically changed my life. He has worked tirelessly to keep me motivated especially when old habits reared it ugly head. 

Now with determination and hard work I see the results when I look in the mirror or step on the scales. I used to think that exercising was boring and that life is too short not to eat what and how much I like. Now I realise that life is too short not to feel healthy and be able to make the most of every day! I still have a little way to go yet but nothing will stop me .

If I can make changes then anyone can!”

Carolyn also took part in my previous 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge and achieved amazing results – LISTEN HERE HOW SHE DID!

Carolyn took the challenge and transformed more than just her body and her eating but her entire life. Are you ready to join us CLICK HERE and lets get started!

Until next time eat well and stay active!