Tips to avoid holiday weight gain


Holidays for most people don't come around very often so most see it as a time to completely go off the wagon and eat and drink as much possible. Yes of course we should have fun but there are so many weight gain do's and don'ts we worry about when on holiday. These very simple guidelines will help you maintain your current physique without too many boundaries.

Don't "BANK" calories

You simply CANNOT starve yourself all day, then eat and drink whatever you want at a holiday party without consequences. Your body just does not work that way. If you starve yourself in anticipation of overindulging, you'll ENSURE storing every single morsel as FAT.

Drink a lot of WATER

Before you grab an alcoholic drink or make a beeline for the buffet table, get a glass of water and sip on that first.
Good Rule Of Thumb: For every glass of wine or holiday "treat" that you consume, drink one glass of water.
The water will keep you rather full and will definitely curb your desire to over-indulge in food or drink. Just make sure that you locate the restroom early in the evening!

Start the Day RIGHT.

Start the day as you mean to go on, with a light and healthy breakfast. Whether the hotel provides it, or you’re self-catering, check-out the local fruits and yoghurt - the combination of ‘produce & protein’ will keep you feeling fuller for longer and won’t leave you feeling guilty or ‘heavy’ having indulged in a greasy fry up (limit this to once in the week if you must!).


When you’re away, breakfast tends to be the easiest meal to control. After a long night of bad decisions, a quiet morning usually follows. Having a solid breakfast will ensure you get at least one quality meal in each day. Go for the veggie omelet, oatmeal, fruit, and yoghurt. Have some tea and hydrate. Skip the sofa pizza.

MOVE Your Body Everyday!

Moving your body means burning calories. If you usually walk more on holiday then brilliant, but if you can, add in an extra 20 minutes (at least) of activity each day. You may want to take advantage of the pool - 10-20 minutes swims, play bat & ball (if played in the pool then this will burn more calories!) or even use the hotel’s gym – even if you hate the gym at home, there’s something different about a gym abroad, yes no pressures of ‘real-life’ to go home to. With your favourite music playing, that 20 minutes on the cross trainer will FLY BY!
P.S Try exercising in a morning – it’ll be cooler and you can then have your healthy breakfast after ready for a fun day ahead.

This short HIIT Workout can be done anywhere:

Aim for eating healthy-ish TWICE per day.

Even on vacation, you’re probably only going to face one heavy, not so healthy meal per day. The rest of the time it’s a good idea to eat as healthy as possible. Local foods can be helpful for this, but even simple salads, fish/meat bites, fruit plates, oatmeal, etc. can be useful when you just need a few calories to get by until the next meal. 

So remember you can still enjoy that holiday without bringing home any unwanted extra luggage.