Trying to lose that first 10-20lbs?

The easiest AND hardest pounds to lose is your first 10-20lbs 

Easy, because when you look back, you'll see that it didn't take as much work as you thought.

Hard, because you may be overthinking what all needs to be done. Stressing about meal prepping, 5 am workouts, protein shakes and supplements. 

Sure. Those things CAN have a place in SOME people's lifestyle but if you're starting out... well, those aren't as important as you think. 


1.  Look for easy fixes first.

Don't overthink this. Most fixes that we do here are simple ones. If we find that people tend to under eat then, we recommend shakes (not just protein shakes, big difference). 

Now, if you tend to binge on the weekend then instead of feeling like you can never go out just make better choices when you are out. Such as grilled meat over fried, extra veggies instead of fries, low sugar alcoholic drinks instead of margaritas. 

What about those that have carb addictions? Start learning more 'natural' carb sources (sweet potatoes, yams, oatmeal, fruit) instead of processed sugar. 

You don't need to make a night and day lifestyle change and feel that you have to spend your Sunday meal prepping. Instead, start with the low hanging fruit (pun intended) and do the easy fixes first.

2. Walk more.

Never underestimate what a brisk walk can do. There is a reason you see ultra lean bodybuilders do this because it works.

Walk for 30+ min 3 x week. Walk with your dog, your kids, or just put on some good music (or audiobook in my case) and just go for a walk. 

3.  Find an activity that you LOVE.

At one point in time, you were active, whether that's football, lifting weights, running, or yoga. Why not go back to that?

Not all working out needs to be in a gym. 

And don't worry about being 'out of shape' and don't compare you to what you use to do. 

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

Go back to what caught your interest and do it again, you'll be surprised at how, all of a sudden, you being active doesn't feel like a workout any longer. 

4.  Don't eat to lose weight.

Eating to lose weight is what causes most diet rebounds in the first place. It's too restrictive and trains you to be in a deprived state of mind constantly, always restricting yourself in some way. 

Instead, eat to feel good. Eat to no longer feel bloated, Eat to no longer be puffy, and Eat to no longer have gas that makes people leave the room. 

Find food that makes you feel 'good' and doesn't leave you in a food coma. 

5. Find something else that gives you joy besides food.

I love food. For some this is working out, others it's reading, some it is sex. It doesn't matter what it is but find something else (positive preferably) that replaces that sense of joy food gave you. 

6. Get a partner.

Find someone to hold you accountable. This can be a workout partner, a trainer, spouse, hell even your kids (ever had your kid ask you if you're going to workout... talk about guilt trip). 

There are going to be times when you're tired and don't want to go but when you know that you have someone waiting on your or someone else you have to report to THEN the feeling of letting them down is worse. 

Because of this, you'll go to the gym and afterwards feel so much better than you did. 

6. If you go to the gym, have a plan or something to follow

Walking into the gym with a plan on what you're supposed to will keep you from just wondering to the Cross trainer for 30min and leaving feeling like you wasted your time. 

Dropping your first 20lbs doesn't require as much work as you may think. It's just being more active AND making some better lifestyle decisions.